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Create a Time-Lapse Video in ProShow

Create a time-lapse video in ProShow

Happy Earth Day! Today we were inspired by this time-lapse video that features footage gathered from the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It shows just how remarkable our planet is!

Time-lapse videos are captivating, inspiring and can portray the world in new and interesting ways. If you’ve ever wanted to try this technique yourself, here are some simple steps for creating a time-lapse video with ProShow.

The basic premise behind a time-lapse video is simple:

  1. Keep your camera still, make sure your focus is set to manual and invest in a timer or device that will automatically capture images for you at a certain pace.
  2. Capture a sequence of images over time, at least once per second will be sufficient for creating the time-lapse look.
  3. Gather your images and bring them into a ProShow (in order). Set your slide times to 0 seconds and your transition times to .05 seconds. Then hit play and preview your video!
  4. ProShow will playback your photos in order at the rate at which you set the slide times. For a quicker playback, shorten your transition times. For a slower playback, lengthen your transition times.
  5. Output your finished slideshow as a video file to use in a larger project or simply upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo for sharing online.

Use short cut transitions and 0 second slide times.

For detailed time lapse creation instructions, hop over to the Vimeo site. They have some great video tutorials that show you how to get started.

Watch Time-Lapse Videos

Check out our time-lapse board on Pinterest for a collection of awesome examples of time lapse videos – many of them made in ProShow!


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