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Vimeo Announces a Looks Enhancer Powered by Vivoom

Vimeo Add New Filters for Videos

Just like Instagram can add a filter to your photos, Vimeo now gives you the ability to add a filter to your uploaded videos using their new Looks Enhancer powered by the folks at Vivoom. Using this new feature, you can give your videos an analog film vibe, change a video’s color or create a really wild effect. There are hundreds of looks to choose from, and they’re all free for a limited time.

We’re assuming Vimeo will eventually start charging per enhancement or including it as part of their pro packages, so now’s a good time to check it out while it’s still free for all to use. The Looks Enhancer does offer some neat effects to play around with but is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. We see it most useful for adding a special effect on a very specific type of video. Family history slideshows, birthday videos and even some artistic films could benefit nicely.

We took it for a spin using one of our a sample video files and their ‘Almost Sepia Edge’ filter. See the before and after videos here.

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