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New Theme: Damask Elegance

New Damask Elegance effects for ProShow

Our beautiful new ‘Damask Elegance‘ slideshow theme for ProShow Web (also available as a set of free downloadable effects for ProShow Gold + Producer) makes it easier than ever to create breathtaking wedding & portrait videos. Simply add your photos, select the Damask show theme and add some music for your soundtrack. ProShow instantly transforms your photos and videos into a beautiful, finished video that your clients will love.

New Damask Elegance Theme

Tips for Perfecting your Wedding Videos

  1. ProShow Web users, choose the new Damask Elegance theme when creating your video. If you’re using ProShow Gold or Producer 5, download and install the free Damask Elegance effects to use them in your slideshow. (Once installed, you can browse them in the Themed category in your Slide Styles).
  2. If adding a title slide, keep it simple. Include the bride and groom’s name, the date of the wedding and possibly the location of the event. Too much text can be overbearing.
  3. Alternate between using portrait, landscape or square photos to keep the show dynamic and interesting. Keep the pacing relatively moderate (3 seconds per slide or 40 or so photos per 2 minute song). The bride and all who watch will want to be able to focus closely on each photo.
  4. If you’d like to brand your video, add a watermark for display throughout the slideshow, or for a simpler approach, include your logo and a link to your website at the end of the video. This will ensure that everyone who watches knows how to reach you.

Looking for More Inspiration?

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