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Free Creative Kit for Spring Slideshows

Free Spring Elements Kit for ProShow

With Spring around the corner (for most of us at least!), we thought it would be fun and timely to round up a collection of beautiful, free creative elements for you to use in your ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer slideshows. Our FREE downloadable Spring Elements Creative Kit for ProShow features dozens of mix-n-match backgrounds, text elements and overlays in a fresh seasonal color palette. We’ve also compiled a list of supplemental sources online featuring free fonts and other goodies that you might like to use to enhance your shows.

Watch the Demo to See the Kit in Action

Just like the multi-layered collages used in scrapbooking – the decorative elements found in the Spring Elements Creative Kit can be combined into countless layouts for any slideshow. Watch the demo for ideas on how to bring these elements together with photos and instant or custom effects.

Download the Spring Creative Kit

The kit includes 15 slideshow backgrounds, alphabet overlays, text banners, mattes, photo masks + borders, and example layouts. Perfect for many types of shows – family, baby, couples, nature, Easter and other special events. For ProShow Producer + ProShow Gold.

Want help with using the files in the kit? Watch this video tutorial here.

Get it FREE

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freebie. For help see this how-to article.


ProShow 6
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With older versions of ProShow,
download this ZIP file and use
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For help see this how-to article.


Like the Effects Used in the Demo?

Many of the transitions and slide styles featured in the demo were sampled from our popular Transition Pack 2, in addition to StylePack 4 and 5. To see the full selection of instant add-on effects, check out our Effects Packs for just $19.95 >

Download More Creative Goodies Online

Chances are you’re hungry for even more ways to add custom, decorative touches to enhance the design of your slideshows. If so, you’re going to love the list of online sources our creative team has rounded up, all free, featuring quality content, tools and cool fonts curated for your enjoyment. Enjoy!


1) Patterrific

Patteriffic offers a well-organized and abundant collection of seamless patterns featuring an emphasis on geometric and mod, retro-inspired prints. These patterns are designed to be used with the pattern fill tool in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. (See our basic tutorial to learn how to create a custom background using any seamless pattern).

2) Shery K Designs

Shery K Designs features a delightful variety of fun and stylish digital paper packs (i.e. high res backgrounds). There’s plenty of seasonal options and all-purpose design themes here, to cover just about any project year-round.

Free ‘Digital Paper Pack’ Downloads:

3) Erin Bradley Designs

With an emphasis on soft pastels, candy-colored palettes and feminine patterns, Erin Bradley Designs offers a great collection of backgrounds and creative elements for all sort of Spring shows including children and baby portraits, birthdays and Easter shows.

Free Downloads:

4) Designs by Megan Turnidge

Megan’s lovely backgrounds and creative elements have a broad, contemporary appeal that would complement many a slideshow, whether feminine, masculine, or neutral in style. Her designs are available for purchase on ScrapOrchard, and many options are also downloadable for free on her blog.

Free Downloads:

Creative Elements + Other Goodies

1) PuglyPixel

Lovers of washi tape and a more natural, handmade look  will appreciate PuglyPixel’s collection of free, digital decorative tape strips. Download these colorful little embellishments and use them to anchor caption strips or photos to any background, simulating a traditional paper scrapbook layout. Pugly Pixel also offers a score of fantastic layouts, decorative elements, frames and labels for purchase here.

2) Stripe Generator

Use this free online tool to generate your own striped backgrounds. The tool lets you pick the stripe thickness, spacing, colors and stripe orientation. When you’re done, click the download button to get your custom pattern ’tile’, which can then be brought into most image editors to make a background of any size. (See our basic tutorial to learn how to create a custom background using any seamless pattern).

3) Tartan Maker

If you like the Stripe Generator, you will probably love Tartan Maker. In a similar fashion, this free online tool allows you to generate your own tartan / plaid backgrounds. Once you’ve selected the options to determine the look,  click the download button to get your custom tartan pattern. Like the Stripe Generator, this file will be a pattern ’tile’, intended for use in an image editor, where you will be able to make a background of any size. (See our basic tutorial to learn how to create a custom background using any seamless pattern).

4) Quality Digiscrap Freebies

Due to the aggregator format,  it’s a bit of a rabbit hole sifting through the many freebies offered on this site. However, you’ll find it’s chock full of free creative elements and backgrounds for styling your slideshows for any occasion or season, and serves as a great introduction to the many talented designers & shops who produce this content.

Where to Find Cool Fonts

For free fonts in just about any style you can imagine — from funky, to retro, to cute, to fancy, the following sites are our top picks for offering the most depth and variety:

Free Font Collections

10 of Our Favorite Fonts for Spring

(think soft, whimsical, pretty or romantic):

  1. Mardian from dafont
  2. Matchbook from dafont
  3. Alex Brush from font squirrel
  4. Great Vibes from font squirrel
  5. Mission Script from Lost Type
  6. Blanch from Lost Type
  7. Parisienne from Fontspace
  8. Dancing Script from font squirrel
  9. Respective from dafont
  10. In the Know from dafont


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