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Create a Text Cut-Out Effect using Masking in ProShow Producer

After we debuted the Urban Photographer of the Year video on our blog a few weeks ago, many of you had questions about how to create a similar type of text cut-out effect in ProShow Producer. This was done using masking and it’s easier than it looks! Follow these simple steps to create your own creative text cut-out effect using ProShow Producer.

  1. First, you’ll need to create a black and white graphic featuring the text you’ll use for your cut-out effect. This will serve as the ‘mask’. Keep in mind that when creating a mask, the white areas reveal the underlying image, whereas the black areas block out.To create the mask, you can either use an image editor like Photoshop to create a JPG / PNG text graphic, or use the following trick in Producer:
    • Create a blank title slide (Ctrl+Alt+B).
    • Open ‘Slide Options’ and add a caption using the word(s) you want for your mask.
    • We recommend using a thick display-type font like Impact or Arial Black.
    • Adjust the size to fill up a large portion or all of the screen.
    • Set the caption color to white and make sure the background color is black.
    • Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Slide Options’ dialog.
    • In the Main Window, in the large ‘Preview’ pane, you should see the preview of your text slide. Right-click the preview and select ‘Capture Frame’.
    • Select ‘Capture Current Frame’. Set the resolution to 1920 x 1080. Set a destination to save the file. Once you click ‘OK’, you’ll have a still image JPG of the text slide you created. You will use this as your mask.
  2. In ProShow Producer, add both your text image and a background photograph to one slide in your show. Position the text image as your top layer.
  3. With the top text image layer selected, right-click and select ‘Use as Masking Layer’. This will make your text image function as mask. If you look at the main preview, you should see a stencil-like effect, in which the photograph only shows through the text areas of the mask.
  4. If you want a more dynamic effect, add some motion to one or both of your layers. Try making the background photograph zoom and pan from one end to the other. This will make it look like the photo is moving under the mask and give the effect seen in the demo.
  5. To add a cool transition out to cap off the effect, pick any transition you like. In the demo, we used ‘Diagonal Swipe – Zoom Out Right’ from Transition Pack 2. This helped give the effect that extra punch!

And that’s it — you can use this handy little trick to create text masks for any of your slideshows. Works great as an intro slide or an elegant, high-impact way to introduce a new section of your slideshow.


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