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Create Holiday ‘Thank You’ Videos for Photography Clients

A great way to reach out to clients over the holidays and at the end of the year is creating a ‘Thank You’ video. Thank You videos are a fun and inexpensive way to stay top-of-mind with your clients and give them something special around the holidays (or anytime during the year!).

With ProShow you can create a video in a matter of minutes (perfect for procrastinators!) and have it delivered to your client’s inbox, ready for them to watch. Simply gather a handful of photos from their last shoot and assemble them in a photo slideshow. Add a catchy holiday tune, some fun holiday-themed effects, your studio name, URL and number at the end and you’re done.

Post the video on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, your blog, etc.. Then all that’s left to do is email your client a nice holiday note and include a URL for them to click and watch the show.

They’ll love it so much, they’ll forward the email to friends, family and co-workers getting you even more exposure for your photography business.


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