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Tips for Using Panoramic Images in ProShow

Do you shoot panoramic images? One of my favorite new features in iOS 6 is the Panorama option added to the built-in camera app. It’s super easy to use and does an amazing job at stitching photos together to create seamless, 240 degree pictures. If you enjoy landscape photography, I highly recommend giving it a try.

But what do you do with those pictures afterward?  After all, panoramic images are often huge and feature crazy aspect ratios like 42:9.   Not exactly normal, widescreen photos.

In ProShow there are a handful of options that you can turn to when you’re ready to add sweeping landscapes to your slideshows.

Adding a Simple Pan Across

When you have such a wide image, one of the best ways to show it off is to simply Pan across.  Nothing fancy, just show the whole image from one side to the other.
To make this effect look it’s best, try these 3 things.

  1. In Slide Options,  go to the Layer Settings tab change the Scaling to Fill Frame. This will make sure you don’t see any empty space above, or below the photo.


  2. Go to the Effects tab to add your Pan Motion.   The value you want to change is the Horizontal Pan value, which is the number on the left.   To pan from the left side of your image all the way to the right side, in the Starting Position, set this value to a positive number.  For example 80.   In the Ending Position, change this value to a negative number.  For example -80.


  3. Add more time to your slide.  Panoramas are very wide images.  If your slide time is too short, your audience won’t have time to enjoy the scenery as the image pans from one side to the other.   Slow down that motion by using slide times in the 20-30 second range.

Using Slide Styles

There are also around 50 or so Slide Styles that work well with panoramic images.  When choosing style, be sure to browse All Categories and set the filters to show effects that are best for 1 Layer.

Effects from the Backdrop Light or Backdrop Dark series will most likely be your go-to styles.  For something with a little more flash, try the Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D options. Another great and simplistic option for panoramas is A Moving Backdrop.

If you own Style Pack 3, try Figure and Ground.  The Style Pack 5 effect Floating Depth 1 Classic is also a cool style to use with your panoramic pictures.

Watch the video below that showcases 5 great effects to use with panoramic images in your ProShow slideshows.


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