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Panel on Creativity in Computing

Roberta Przybylski, Paul Schmidt, Omar Gallaga

Today I will be answering a series of questions from a crowd at the University of Texas in Austin at 1:30pm at the UT Thompson Center. By my side will be tech culture guru, Omar Gallaga who is the Austin American Statesman tech culture writer, Tech writer, Kirkus Reviews, formerly on NPR’s All Tech Considered and writer.

Together, we’re hoping to address some top-of-mind technology issues facing the industry. For example, with the advent of mobile phones, tablets and a plethora of new and different cameras, how does this affect the way we develop for future software trends?

A current statistic shows that four out of five developers are developing applications for handheld devices rather than desktop computers. That is dramatically different than just five years ago when nearly zero out of five developers were working towards handheld/mobile device applications. How much longer can this trend continue and will it?

Thanks for all of your support as I go on stage to discuss these trends with an eager audience!



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Paul is the founder and chairman of Photodex and resides in Austin, Texas, with his family.