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Our 5 Favorite Effects in Transition Pack 2

Transition Pack 2 is filled with dozens of cool new transition effects for your ProShow slideshows. We took a office-wide poll and asked everyone at Photodex what their favorite new transitions were in this pack. Here are our top 5 and why we love them so much! Which one’s do you love most?


1. Starbound: The perfect transition to celebrate achievement and success. Whether you’re creating a high school senior slideshow or celebrating the success of a colleague, the Starbound transition shines a positive light on your photos.


2. Bubble Drift: Add a whimsical swoosh of bubbles across the screen with the Bubble Drift transition. Works great for a children’s portrait slideshow and adds a special touch to any wedding slideshow.


3. Frosty Snowflakes: Turn any photo into a wintery wonderland animation with the Frosty Snowflakes transition. We love the way the snowflakes magically drift across our videos!


4. Fire: The new Fire transition is perfect for accenting sports photos or action sequences in your slideshows. The realistic-looking flame flickers across the screen to reveal a new scene in your show – very dramatic!


5. Fragments: As if your photo were a pane of glass and is suddenly shattered, the new Fragments transition adds a cool edge to any slideshow. Works great for a wide variety of slideshows.


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As the head of the Creative team at Photodex, Leslie is involved in the design & production of ProShow demos, slideshows & special effects. She is a self-professed Crazy Cat Lady who is into horror movies, music, good food, and riding her bike around Austin.