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DIY Project: Recreate Old Family Photos

We recently came across this adorable idea on the Pinned By Dani blog that’s great for sharing photos over the holidays. Try recreating old family photos! Everyone has tons of old family photos laying around, find a handful of old photos of your family and have them recreate the poses for a new set of pictures. It’s a great way to see how much everyone has grown over the years and will surely spark some laughter!

HINTS: Look for photos that have a distinct pose, one that’s easy to re-create. Also try and match the colors of clothes that were worn in the original photos, they don’t have to be perfect but a little color matching can go a long way to making the new photos feel more in-sync.

When you’re done, put together a ProShow slideshow to share with everyone over the holidays. Show the old photo on the screen first, then slowly transition to the new photo. A fun way to share old family photos this holiday season!


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