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Which 3 Photo Tools Do You Wish You Started Using Sooner?

Cameras, lenses, lighting, software, gadgets… what 3 photo tools do photographers wish they started using sooner?

In this hangout video, photo innovator Will Crockett invites four of his picture pals to share their answers to this question. Hybrid imaging pros Giulio Sciorio, Chuck Jones, Carol Schlintz and Tom Curley chime in with great info (and a few laughs!) on how you can avoid the mistakes they made as they grew their photo skills. We’re excited that ProShow made the list of must-have tools for this awesome group of photographers!

Check out this video and plenty more great hybrid imaging info at including the brand new video series called The Smarter Photographer available now. ProShow fans get a very special 20% off this new video by using code: ‘proshowsmart‘.

What 3 photo tools do you wish you started using sooner?


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