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UCF Alumni Association Increases Fan Engagement and Web Traffic with ProShow

The UCF alumni association uses ProShow Producer to increase fan engagement and web traffic. Watch one of their videos and read their story below.

Jeff Garner, Director of Communications at University of Central Florida has his hands full. Not only is UCF the second largest university in the country, his team of four is tasked with managing everything from web, social media, technology, creative services, audio/video and photography – and making that mix of media conducive to showing graduates value in joining the association, and getting them more involved in the 300 or so events that take place each year around campus.

As a non-profit, Garner’s team has no budget for print mailings and relies on electronic media for 99% of its communication. The company communicates up to 6 million messages per year online to serve its 210,000 alumni members through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and online newsletters. With limited time and money, Garner needed a way to make the alumni events come to life onscreen to persuade them to get back involved with their alma mater.

Garner searched video slideshows and found Photodex’s ProShow Producer to be the most comprehensive and easiest to use. He particularly liked the fact that ProShow Producer was self-running, and could be outputted in multiple formats. In addition, the transitions, stylepacks, and editing features allowed anyone on his team to achieve any look and feel they wanted.

On average Garner’s team produces 30-50 different high profile slideshows during the year, including those for UCF’s Homecoming, the Black & Gold Gala, Golf Tournament, Young Alumni Events and many others to show a world of life, fun, energy and excitement happening at the school.

At some of the larger galas, UCF Alumni team shoots and displays ProShow Producer slideshows in real-time on large screens as the events unfold. Using wireless transmitters from the camera, ProShow Producer has the ability to dynamically grab photos from folders and run them immediately.

Two years ago the founding UCF President and later his wife passed away and Garner and his team used ProShow Producer to honor them at two memorial events. The videos were so highly regarded for having captured their lives and later became part of the university’s archives.

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from video slideshows from the alumni and other viewers, the UCF Alumni Association saw a spike in website traffic on the video slideshows page, where it became the top five page on the site. He credits a great deal of the increased traffic to the viral marketing effect inherent with the videos and slideshows.

“Our graduates don’t always stay involved. We have to reach out and remind them they can still relive days in college and enjoy their experience on campus with their friends and family. ProShow allows them to intuitively see what’s going on. They immediately feel like they’re missing something if they don’t get involved.”

Are you a school or alumni group using ProShow? We’d love to hear how you use ProShow in your organization in the comments below.


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