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5 Tips for Great Pumpkin Patch Photos

Pumpkin patches make a great backdrop for Fall family photos. With a few creative tips, you can turn your pumpkin patch photos into memorable photo keepsakes. Here are some tips on how to capture some great photos of your family this year.

1. Stack Them Up

Pumpkins come in all sizes and shapes, get creative with your set up and stack up a line of pumpkins from small to large and add your own little pumpkin at one end. Makes for a cute photo of your little one.

2. Get Low

Crouch down or better yet lay down flat on the ground to get some really unique viewpoints in your shots. Use branches or pumpkin stumps to add depth to your photos and create a nice depth of field perspective.

3. Get Close

Zoom in on your subjects. Place them in a pumpkin-heavy area of the patch and get up-close for your photo. Focus in on your subject’s face so you get a nice, crisp focal point with an orange blurry background from the pumpkins.

4. Pumpkins as Props

You’re in a pumpkin patch…there are free props everywhere! Be sure and use them to your advantage. Have your kids hold a pumpkin, hug a pumpkin, pose next to a pumpkin, lean on a pumpkin, stand on a pumpkin, etc…

pumpkin patch photo tips

5. Turn Your Pumpkin Patch Photos into a Shareable Video

Make a video slideshow out of your pumpkin patch photos this year. It’s easy and free with ProShow! Watch the video below, it took me just a few minutes to create. Once you’re done making your video, share it on Facebook, YouTube or email a link for friends and family to see! It’s free to create a video, sign up and start making your video right now >>


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