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5 Instant Slideshow Recipes for ProShow

Have you ever watched a slideshow and wondered, ‘How’d they do that!?” With the right combination of slide styles, transitions and photos, you can create your own spectacular slideshows in ProShow, whatever the occasion. To get started, our creative team rounded up five crowd-pleasing ‘slideshow recipes’, starring some of our favorite instant ingredients from our pantry of Effects Packs.

Check out the recipes and sample videos and try them out yourself in ProShow!


Key Ingredients:
Clouds (Transition Pack 1)
Smoke (Transition Pack 1)
Snow (Downloadable Freebie)
On the Line Title (StylePack 5)
Perfect Pairing for This Recipe:
Landscape, outdoor, travel or holiday imagery. Sprinkle in a few nature-inspired effects like snow, clouds and smoke to add an unexpected hint of drama and momentum to your slideshows.


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Key Ingredients:
#02 Title (StylePack Weddings)
#01 Single (StylePack Weddings)
#14 Single (StylePack Weddings)
Transversal (StylePack 5)
Unity (StylePack 4)
Perfect Pairing for This Recipe:
Wedding, bridal and engagement portraits. This assortment of effects from StylePack Weddings adds a tasteful yet subtle style component to wedding images and videos. Supplement with effects like ‘Unity’ and ‘Transversal’ to give your shows a light, clean and refined look.



Key Ingredients:
#06 Title (StylePack Vintage)
#08 Set (StylePack Vintage)
#09 Set (StylePack Vintage)
#15 Single (StylePack Vintage)
Old Film Projector (StylePack 2)
Perfect Pairing for This Recipe:
Old photos of family, friends, military pals & classmates. StylePack Vintage is full of effects and layouts for giving your family history, reunion or tribute slideshow a charming, old-fashioned feel.

For a vintage movie look, add the Old Film Projector effect from StylePack 2.


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Key Ingredients:
Map Fold (Transition Pack 1)
#17 Title (StylePack Escapes)
#01 Single (StylePack Escapes)
#02 Multi (StylePack Escapes)
#17 Single (StylePack Escapes)
Perfect Pairing for This Recipe:
Tropical vacation, beach and marine photography. Use the Map Fold transition to cleverly display trip mementos, itineraries and maps. Supplement with StylePack Escapes selections to add thematic imagery, texture and movement to your shows.



Key Ingredients:
Lights and Letters (StylePack 3)
Extensile (StylePack 5)
Juxtapose (StylePack 2)
High Speed (StylePack 2)
Dream Revolution (StylePack 3)
Dark Suspension (StylePack 4)
Edgy (Downloadable Freebie)
Perfect Pairing for This Recipe:
Sports, high school seniors, fashion, action and urban photography. Turn the volume up and maximize your slideshow’s impact with cool, high energy effects from assorted StylePacks. To keep the momentum going, be sure to mix up the variety of effects selections, shooting for an edgy but controlled look.


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