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Double Take: Photograph or Computer Render?

(Which one is the real photograph? See below for answer)

Can you tell which of the two images above is a real photograph and which one is computer generated? Ikea is betting that you can’t. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ikea is replacing photos of kitchens and bedroom displays in their catalogs and their website with 3-D, computer generated graphics.

Traditionally a photo shoot would consist of building a display room, staging the room with products and accessories and photographing the scene. Now an entire room can be produced using 3D computer-generated graphics saving the company time and money. Read more in this article on the Wall Street Journal’s website >

Ikea isn’t the only company that’s moving towards computer generated graphics of their products. Recently the fashion brand H&M was under fire for using computer generated bodies to model it’s clothing online. The models heads were superimposed on CG bodies in order to ‘simplify the process of the photo shoot’.

What do you think about this trend?

(Answer: Image on right is the computer render)


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