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5 Tips for Better Food Photography

Today’s post comes from the amazingly talented Cristina A-Moore, a food and event photographer who shares her tips for getting better food photos!

One of my favorite photography genres centers around food. Whether it’s a finished dish/dessert, fruits & vegetables, preparation & ingredients or food in culture I attempt to tell a story with the image and bring the viewer up close and personal with the subject matter…food.

Food plays such an important role in our celebrations, holidays, daily lives and memories. Capture those delicious moments behind the lens and tell a story in your food images.

Quick tips on capturing delicious food photography:

  1. Lighting: Use natural light whenever possible. Pay attention to the quality and color of the light, and the direction and the mood it can convey (early morning vs. later evening light, etc.).
  2. Composition: The food is the subject. Allow the placement and props to help tell the story about the food, but don’t let props take over. Give your food images a sense of place and time. Shadows, color and texture help set the scene.
  3. Color: Using complimentary or contrasting colors in your image is an artistic decision on what you are trying to convey. Table linens, backdrops, surfaces, place settings, props, garnishes, etc. are important elements that bring your image together.
  4. Camera Angles and Focus Points: Vary your camera’s angles (overhead, side/eye-level, three quarters) and focal point (adjusting your f/stop). Move around the food and don’t be afraid to make adjustments with the food styling and props. Zoom in close to the food to capture details (textures in the dish, garnishes, etc.)
  5. Tripod: Whenever possible, use a tripod to get that tack sharp food or beverage shot!

I haven’t even touched on food styling (that’s a subject in and of itself)!

Show off your food photography in a slideshow:

I used ProShow Producer to create a short and sweet presentation of some of my food photography. A slideshow presentation using image stills with good music and complimentary effects and transitions is an effective and different component to add to my photography portfolio and an attractive way to showcase and market my photography style and brand.

Good luck capturing your own delicious food photos! Be sure and check out my blog, Teenie Cakes, a culinary journal of tasty eats, recipes, wine notes & food photography.

Cristina A-Moore

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