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5 Reasons to Make the Jump to Producer

We get questions all the time from loyal customers (both hobbyists and pros) thinking about making the jump from ProShow Gold to ProShow Producer. The question we hear most often? “What’s the difference between the two versions, and is it worth upgrading to Producer?”

Find out the top 5 reasons customers upgrade to Producer, plus read what fellow ProShow fans have to say about their experiences. Check out the full product comparison chart here >

#1: Better, cooler-looking shows

With hundreds of additional built-in effects and unlimited creative options at your fingertips, the shows you make in ProShow Producer are guaranteed to stand out from anything you’ve made before. You’ll see an immediate upgrade in the quality and sophistication of your output, with minimal effort on your part.

Bottom Line: Impress everyone (including yourself) with more eye-catching shows.


#2: Unlock tons of new effects

Upgrading to ProShow Producer opens the door to over 200 amazing new built-in effects, plus Effects Packs you may not have been able to use previously in ProShow Gold (e.g. StylePack 5, StylePack 3, StylePack 2, StylePack Weddings, etc.) These top-shelf effects utilize advanced creative functions like blur, masking, and keyframing to produce the wow-worthy animations and layouts you’ll love to show off.

Bottom Line: Access hundreds of top-shelf styles & transitions you’ve been missing out on.



#3: A lot more control

Have you ever wanted to tweak or customize a show beyond just the basics? Maybe it’s the timing of your effects, or the spacing of your captions, or perhaps you’re yearning for the perfect time-saving shortcut to avoid a bunch of repetitive tasks?

ProShow Producer offers virtually unlimited control, enabling you to efficiently fine-tune any aspect of your show to perfection. Professionals also love the additional business-friendly features like watermarking and custom branding. To quote a customer — “upgrading to Producer is like taking off the training wheels.”

Bottom Line: You’ll be able to make your shows turn out exactly how you want.


#4: Fun + powerful creative tools

With ProShow Producer, you get a whole new realm of exciting creative options to work and play with, including masking, keyframing, opacity, blur, etc. Use them to design your own brilliant creations, or sit back and let the wizard and built-in effects do the heavy-lifting for you. You’ll be able to explore new design possibilities, while enjoying the fresh variety of options.

Bottom Line: Experience new creative possibilities with more fun added to the mix.



#5: Save big on upgrading to Producer

At anytime, ProShow Gold customers can upgrade to Producer and save $50 off the normal price ($249.95). However, did you know that we also offer additional loyalty discounts specifically for customers who have owned ProShow Gold for a year or more?

Our Customer Loyalty Program rewards ProShow Gold customers with upgrade savings credits, earned after the first and second year of ownership. When upgrading to Producer, these loyalty credits can be applied with the standard $50 upgrade discount, adding up to a savings of as much as $150. That means you could upgrade to Producer for as little as $99.95!

How to get the discount for your upgrade
Each year when you hit the anniversary of your ProShow Gold purchase, you’ll receive an email with a personal discount code. Apply this code during Checkout if purchasing on our website, or when ordering by phone. To learn more about the Loyalty Program or how to use the code during Checkout, click here.

Don’t delay! Your personal loyalty discount code is good for 30 days.
Once it expires, your next opportunity to get a loyalty discount code will have to wait until the next anniversary. Be sure to check your email and use your discount code before it expires!

Read What Others Are Saying

Check out what fellow ProShow fans have to say about upgrading to Producer. To read some of the customer comments we’ve collected, click on the graphic below.


Ready to Make the Jump?

Don’t miss out on all the good stuff. Whether you’re a passionate slideshow hobbyist or a professional — with Producer, you’ll have it all. Unlock hundreds of top-shelf effects, enjoy unlimited production control, amazing time-savers + new and exciting opportunities to impress.

Check your email for info on your upgrade discount code. Upgrade today and we promise, you’ll never look back.


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