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How To Find Missing Files in ProShow

If you’ve ever run into a ‘Missing Files’ message in ProShow when trying to load a slideshow, it can be a bit scary. But have no fear, you’re show isn’t lost or deleted.

This warning will appear when ProShow can’t find some or all of the content for your show. This includes photos, videos or music. Remember, when you add content to a show, ProShow doesn’t import, copy or move those files. Instead you’re simply telling ProShow where those files are on your computer and the software makes a map to that location.

If you move or rename your show files, ProShow will no longer know where to find the content on your system. That’s when you’ll see the warning.

Watch the video to see what to do if you see this warning and how you can avoid it in the future and learn more in our Knowledge Base.


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Nate is a member of the Photodex training team and helps develop tutorial videos for ProShow. He is a former pro basketball player who enjoys painting, playing golf, and living in Austin with his wife Audrey.