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A Glimpse of the Future… Will the Mirrorless Camera Replace DSLRs Someday?

Click here for a video featuring a collection of photos shot with the Lumix GH2.

Photo innovator and ProShow enthusiast, Will Crockett is one of the top photography educators and camera reviewers in the world, and now he’s taking his seminars on the mirror-less camera to a city near you.

Will started using mirror-less cameras after becoming frustrated with shooting both photo and video files with his DSLRs. He wanted an easier way to deliver a hybrid “eProduct” to his clients.  Over the past three years, Will has tested over 22 different mirror-less cameras, 30 different mirror-less lenses, and more are on the way. He truly believes mirror-less cameras will one day replace the DSLR as we know it today because as he puts it simply “they are less fuss, more fun, and easier to learn than DSLR’s.” A few benefits of migrating to mirror-less include:

  • Smaller Size: Mirror-less cameras are 1/3 the size and 1/3 the weight of DSLRs, making them convenient, and less intimidating for subjects than larger DSLRs.
  • Comparable Image Quality: Mirror-less cameras have sensors that are typically the same size as DSLRs, making the image quality almost identical to the DSLR. The result is a significantly smaller camera that combines DSLR image quality with a more compact-camera-like user experience.
  • Instant Display: Mirror-less cameras use electronic viewfinders that allow you to “see” the picture before you take it allowing more creativity. This is great for shooting in B&W or other color effects in-camera.
  • Faster Focus: The AUTO functions on mirror-less cameras are state-of-the-art intelligent and can be used with confidence and will reduce file post processing time.
  • Video Flexibility: Mirror-less camera systems are designed for hybrid imaging that allow you to choose if you prefer to capture the moment in video or still photos.
  • Price: Mirror-less cameras are significantly less expensive than comparable DSLR’s, with interchangeable lenses that are fast and high quality, at significantly lower cost.

A mirror-less camera also offers benefits when using tools like ProShow. Mirror-less cameras allow you to easily capture still AND video images with the same camera easily, and maintain the same ‘look’ between both.  For example, shooting in black and white mode, or ‘vibrant’ mode.  The stills and video will look great together when dropped into a ProShow, without any post processing in Photoshop. Check out this video created in ProShow Web:


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