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5 Free Bold and Modern Fonts for Slideshows

There’s no use pretending. For all the practical utility we get out of system fonts like Arial and Times New Roman, they tend to lack a certain creative energy. While it’s not a big deal for things like emails and business documents, other more ‘emotionally-inspired’ projects, like slideshows, call for fonts that impart a stronger, more unique personality.

For clean, modern-looking text, use a sans serif font.

Sans serif means your letters do not have the tiny detailed strokes (”serifs”) at the ends of the main strokes. For example, Arial and Helvetica are sans serif typefaces. Times New Roman is not. As you can see, the latter has a more delicate, traditional look that is better-suited for print. For contemporary styling, the bolder and more minimal, the better.


Condensed versions of sans serif fonts will heighten the impact. Keeping the words uniformly UPPER or lower case will also produce the best results.

Here’s 5 great fonts we recommend, perfect for giving your slideshow a bold + modern style:

Download for free (on /

Download Bebas (.ttf) >

Download Open Sans Condensed (.ttf) >

Download Dejavu Sans (.ttf) >

Download Lane (.ttf) >

Download Libby (.ttf) >


Other recommendations:

Impact, Univers, Gill Sans, Frutiger, Abadi
(If you do not already own these fonts, they are available for purchase at major type foundries online)

(ProShow accepts any installed TrueType / TTF font)



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