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Unlock Tons of New Effects When You Upgrade to ProShow Producer

If you’ve ever found yourself craving more effects, more sizzle, and haven’t yet upgraded to Producer, you’re missing out on the key to unlocking hundreds of stunning new effects!

With Producer, not only do you have immediate access to tons of new built-in effects, but you can also add Producer-only StylePacks to your arsenal, like the brand-new, smokin’-hot StylePack 5 that everyone’s raving about. Other awesome exclusive packs include: StylePack 2StylePack 3, & StylePack Weddings.

Watch the new StylePack 5 demo to see the latest effects designed for Producer 5.


Unlocking more effects isn’t the only reason to upgrade. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Flashier shows, a slick interface, unlimited control & creative options make ProShow Producer a must-have tool whether you’re creating slideshows for fun or profit. Watch the video below to see what awaits you when you upgrade to Producer.


See what others are saying about upgrading to ProShow Producer:

Tim: Upgrading to Producer is like taking off the training wheels. Fantastic!

Claire: I had ProShow Gold for about a week before I decided I wanted to upgrade to Producer. Best decision I have ever made! Producer gives me the creativity I crave when putting together a memory. I love the ease of making professional quality slideshows with my photographs. Everyone is impressed and believes that I spend months creating them, when in fact it is only hours! Thank you Photodex….for making me look good!

Nancy: I didn’t upgrade soon enough! The absolute BEST feature of Producer for me is the ability to make and save a template for a show. After perfecting the timing for my sessions, I needed the ability to drop future images into a template. This couldn’t be any better.

Joe: I upgraded over a year ago and I truly love Producer and the two subsequent style packs I purchased. I had seen so many ProShow Producer shows on your website that I needed to upgrade!


Upgrade to ProShow Producer Today
ProShow Gold users get $50 off when you upgrade to ProShow Producer. Upgrade today and unlock tons of new effects, total creative control and more!



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