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Cool Stop-Motion Animated Wedding Video

Check out this awesome video by the photography team at Sakhi Photography Studios based in Melbourne, Australia! They put together a truly unique stop-motion animation video in ProShow that you have to see to believe! Read below to see how they did it.

We’ve been using ProShow for a while now to create slideshows for our clients, and we are fairly familiar with its capabilities. The video we created above was made for our friends Ben and Christina. It was shown at their wedding.

One of the biggest advantages ProShow offered when it came to this project was its ability to recognize Photoshop files (PSD files). While creating this video, we were able to keep files in layers, and modify them anytime, and they would automatically get updated in the project.

To create the first sequence of stop motion animation (2:50), we asked the couple to move slowly towards each other. We had the camera set on a tripod, and we snapped around 80 shots as they went through the movements. The actual animation was done the old fashion way; every frame was prepared individually.

When we put it into ProShow, every frame was given 0.01 of a second. This is slower than a usual movie, but that added to the overall feel.

Having the ability to add a second layer to a slide, and that being a Photoshop file with a transparent background, made the sequence showing the different points of interest around the world possible. A great feature and one of the many reasons we love ProShow!

Hope you enjoy the final video. It was a huge hit at the wedding!

Sakhi Photography Studio


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