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5 Tips for Awesome Vacation Slideshows

Forget the snow globes or golden tan! The best things you’ll bring back from any vacation are the memories. Here are some tips to help you capture and share all of the best moments from your latest get-away in a memorable slideshow.

Tip #1.  May the camera be with you, always

Keep a camera handy at all times, even if it’s just your smart phone.  Remember,  you’re supposed to be on vacation, so don’t overdo it by documenting every waking moment!  Relax, enjoy those fruity umbrella drinks and simply be prepared for those great moments when they happen.

If you’re heading someplace wet, don’t let that stop you from taking pictures!   Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus all make excellent, affordable waterproof point and shoot cameras.   If you love having your iPhone camera with you at all times,  check out this travel friendly case from LifeProof.

Tip #2.  The kid stays in the picture

Breathtaking beaches, gorgeous sunsets and famous landmarks are all terrific vacation slideshow staples, but don’t forget about people!   Your photo composition and vacation slideshow storytelling both benefit by including people, animals or objects in your photos.  Use these items to help demonstrate scale, add life and can even create a feeling of motion within your pictures.

Tip #3.  Keep the posing to a minimum

Candid shots often make up some of the best vacation images. There is definitely room in your vacation slideshow for a nice shot of the whole family,  but please keep in mind that no one wants to sit through a 5 minute show featuring hundreds of images of your family lined up by age and/or height.  Try to keep your photos of friends and family looking natural and fun.  Oh, and if you happen to visit Italy, please don’t do the “I’m holding up the leaning tower” thing.  It’s been done.

Tip #4.  Get inspired…by postcards

Postcards are often terrific at balancing beautiful images with simple, welcoming text.  Try to recreate that style for the title slides at the beginning of your shows.  It will go a long way toward connecting the scenery found in your vacation photos with the story you tell in your show.  Plus, if you’re visiting someplace new for the first time, postcards will often introduce you to local attractions that you might be interesting in shooting.

Tip #5.  Accessorize

Dust off the old scanner or take some pictures of all the assorted paperwork and trinkets you bring back with you.   These odds and ends often work well as background images for your “real” photos.  They can also be used as transitional elements when your storytelling covers more than place or theme.   Items like maps, ticket stubs, brochures, tiki mugs, unique food/drink packaging often find their way into my vacation slideshows.

Now all that’s left is creating your vacation slideshow!
Import your photos into slideshow software to create your show. You’ll want to choose a slideshow tool that’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to output to multiple formats. ProShow is an excellent tool for creating slideshows for any occasion and you can download a free trial if you don’t already own the software.


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