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Royalty Free Music from The Music Bed

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Today’s guest post comes from our friends at The Music Bed, a great source for royalty-free music for your slideshows.

We realize your photo-brain is wired a little weird (and that’s a GREAT thing). If you’re like us, along with that weirdness comes a natural aversion to legal jargon/paperwork. Are we right, or are we right? Unfortunately, ignorance is not indeed bliss– especially when it comes to choosing music to pair with your photo slideshows.

Enter The Music Bed. We have taken the grunt-work out of legally obtaining music for the photography and filmmaking communities to synch with films and slideshows. Because, contrary to popular belief– just because you paid $.99 for a song, doesn’t mean you have rights to squat. So, allow us to build the bridge between music and photography for you.

What to do…what to do…

Now that you’ve found a spectacular resource that puts you and your conscience in the clear AND compensates hard-working musicians (artists, mostly independent, like yourself), you’re ready to get a little dirt under your fingernails and start digging for the perfect song to fit your slideshow!

The FUN part: We have thousands of hand-picked songs from unique artists to match the personality of your slideshow! A couple quick points to think about when choosing a tune to fit your masterpiece and we’ll let you go play:

1. Consider your client – Not to state the obvious, but it pays to really have a good sense of the personal style of your customer. Be proactive and ask them on your shoot what some of their favorite genres are and aim for a selection from that category.

2. Tempo & mood are essential – Be conscious of the energy of your presentation, the pace of your slideshow, and the actions of your subject (i.e. softer, more pensive photos call would for a calm orchestral piece rather than an electro-pop number).

3. Color matching makes sense – Maybe it’s just me, but as a visual artist, I interpret sounds into colors and vice versa. The boldness of color and amount of light in your photos should have a direct relationship with the songs you choose.

For such an occasion, we have narrowed down our library and made songs searchable by mood, genre, and even event! Our hope is that you’ll have a semi-difficult time choosing a song because there’s just so many smashing good options. Eenymeenyminymo is effective at that point. Choosing an excellent song that’s relevant to your professional content can take your work to the next level! No more lame-o stock music.

Happy Browsing!

Mary Kate Dillard, The Music Bed.

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