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Black and White Photography Slideshows

Today’s guest post comes from Carol Hoy. Carol teaches ProShow at the Tri-Community photography school and is the leading instructor for the upcoming ProShow Experience national training seminar and workshop. Today she shares some awesome tips for any ProShow user!

Black and white is a great way to equalize photos, even quick snap shots and cell phone photos respond well to this. Here are some quick tips for creating a spectacular black and white photo slideshow in ProShow.

  1. Always include a title slide to give your show a solid introduction but don’t linger too long as your audience will get impatient.
  2. You can quickly turn color photos into black and white in ProShow. Just go to Slide Options, select your layer, click on the Adjustments tab and click the check box next to Colorize. You can select a custom color from the color wheel to change the color of your photos. Then, right-click on the color and select ‘Copy color to all layers on all slides‘ to quickly copy the color change to all your photos.
  3. Give your audience time to ‘take in’ each photo. Instead of simply increasing a slide’s time, hold a slide longer with a slow push zoom transition for a more detailed look by your audience.
  4. Use a fade to black between slides to really emphasize the drama of black and white photography. Your photos will really pop!
  5. Crop a photo or zoom-in slowly to guide your viewers to a special spot.
  6. Keep your slides paced with the music and to try and go along with the beat and lyrics of your song. It will make for a better overall production.
  7. When the music opens “BIG”, so should your presentation. Create a ‘wow’ moment on the screen when there’s a noticeable crescendo in your song.
  8. Always use your logo at the end of your slideshow or as a watermark throughout your show.

Love these tips? Then be sure and check out the ProShow Experience national training seminar and workshop August 4-6, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. It’s your 3-day ticket to awesome slideshows in ProShow. Early bird registration ends June 4th! Sign up today >


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