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Using ProShow to Market Manufacturing Capabilities

This week’s spotlighted show comes from Lori Creighton, the marketing manager for Rolco Inc. who uses ProShow to create videos for her company.

As Marketing Manager for Rolco Inc., a small business offering contract manufacturing with injection molding, I am continually challenged to improve the company’s web presence. One of the best ways to do that is with video. I had struggled to make videos with other software but after discovering ProShow and using it to make slide shows for family and through my business, Homestead Media, I was eager to make a video for Rolco.

At the time that I made this video, there was a lot of press about manufacturing coming back to the US from Asia. I thought this would be a good spring board to get some awareness of Rolco’s capabilities from people who were looking for American manufacturers. I also knew that putting content on YouTube and optimizing it with keywords was an effective way to guide new visitors to our website.

I took all of the photos and video on the manufacturing floor with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera. Before I started taking photos I drafted an outline for the show that would take the viewer from the big picture down to the details. Each section, from plant overview to small tools, has its own style and is synchronized to change with the phrasing of the music. (Music by Marc Lonchampt from the Manchester Music Library, purchased from The Production Garden)

Taking the video presented me with challenges. For the first two video sections I was on a ladder holding my camera on the end of a tripod. I like the view from above because it is clearer but it takes a few tries to get the right angle. When I’m taking video through the glass doors of the machines I have to be aware of reflections whether they are of me, overhead lights or something else in the background. Again, I do several takes to get the right angle. Because of the confidential nature of Rolco’s customer relationships, I’m always aware of what I can and what I cannot show to the world when I take photos and video.

This show was done with Producer but I like to use ProShow Web and Producer’s wizard as idea starters. I usually try several different styles and go through a few revisions until I feel that I have the right style that goes with a particular photo or set of photos. I had already used this music for some travel photos and I knew that I wanted to use “The Grid” effect as an introduction. I was delighted to discover how the “Ripples of Gray” style pulled out the geometry of the structures in the photos of molds and machines.

Although this is the only ProShow video that is on Rolco’s YouTube channel, I have looped it on a laptop at events. I have been finding ways to use video slide shows to market internally to existing customers with videos to showing them the manufacturing processes that we use to make their products. Another slide show project illustrated the history between Rolco and a long-time customer that spanned several generations of their products.

In marketing, you need to have different ways to communicate your message. Using video slide shows that I make with ProShow Producer allows me to maximize the visual part of Rolco’s message whether its goal is to deepen customer relationships or to achieve good placement in search results on the web.

-Lori Creighton

Check out Lori’s website Homestead Multimedia to learn about her video slideshow services and to watch even more slideshows she’s created.

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