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How To Add a Voice-Over to a Photo Slideshow in ProShow

When creating certain types of photo slideshows, sometimes a voice-over can be a great tool to help tell your story to your audience. Voice-overs work especially well when creating a family history slideshow or telling the story of a recent vacation or trip.

Recording a voice-over for your slideshows is easy in ProShow. (It works the same way in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer) We’ll show you how in the steps below.

To record a voice-over in ProShow you need to double-click on the slide that you would like to record the sound on and click on the ‘Slide Sound’ option towards the bottom left of the window. Then click the ‘Record’ button found near the top right-hand corner of the Slide Sounds dialog.

ProShow allows you to record a voice-over directly within the program. All you need is a microphone.

The above shows the button that needs to be clicked to access the record function in ProShow.

Once you click the record button, you will see the window below appear. Notice how ProShow already shows a default device, usually your sound card on your computer.

Note: You do not normally need to change anything with the device. As long as you see the meters on the left are showing activity when you talk into your microphone, you should be good to go.

By default, ProShow will automatically have a location set for you to save the audio file that gets created. It also makes a name for the audio file to be created.

Clicking ‘Record’ will start the record voice-over process. Once you have finished your narration, you can click Stop and it will finish recording and process your audio. Click done when you’re finished recording.

You should now notice that there is a speaker type icon on your slide below the image. This denotes that there is a slide sound that is included with that slide, which in this case would be your voice-over. Click play to preview the voice-over. And that’s it! You’ve recorded and added a voice-over to your slideshow.

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below to watch step-by-step, how to add a voice over to a slideshow in ProShow.


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