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Rotten Apples – Engagement Shoot Video

Created in ProShow Producer.

Ashley and Dan will be getting married in the fall of 2012 but before then, they wanted to experience one of Artäge Pictures famous Themed Engagement Shoots. See how the team at Artage Pictures put together this awesome video!

“At the heart of the project is the couple and creating something that is an extension of their personalities. The next step is trying to find a song that provides the proper mood and setting for the project. Artäge Pictures never uses the same song twice (nor recreates projects for that matter!) and music is always provided by independent artists. Once we have the mood and the song, the rest usually falls in place quite quickly.

This song, “Rotten Apples”, coupled with the fall season, begged for the shoot to occur in a local apple orchard. After that, it’s up to Heidi and Steve, principle photographers from Artäge Pictures, to create visually stunning images and effects.

After the shoot, the hard part begins; namely post-production editing. Artäge Pictures uses Adobe Lightroom for image processing and ProShow Producer for slideshow creation.

How the Project Was Created:
For professional photographers and novices alike, here’s a bit more information about this project’s creation.

The shoot was stills only and a tripod was often utilized for the stop-motion sequences.

We immediately color correct all of the images and then in ProShow Producer, start working on the stop-motion sequences first. Stand-alone images are used to bridge the special effect sequences.

The shoot was about three hours long and nearly 300 images are used in the final project.”

Steve & Heidi

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