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Rotation Center Points in ProShow 5

ProShow 5’s new 3D tilt feature lets you create custom 3D tilt effects for any photo or video in your slideshow. But did you know you can alter the angle of the tilt? It’s easy to do and opens up a bunch of new ways to use 3D tilt.

Here’s how it’s done!

ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer 5 both allow you to add a custom 3D tilt effects to your photos and videos. Just use the horizontal or vertical tilt slider bars to create an effect. You’ll see that ProShow tilts your layer around a center point either to the right, left, top or bottom.

By changing a layer’s rotation center point, you can change the way ProShow tilts your layers.

  1. Double click any slide that contains at least one layer and go to the Effects tab.

  2. In the bottom of the window you’ll see a section called ‘Rotate Center.’ This is where you can set custom rotation center points for your layer.

  3. Try typing in 50 in the field on the left and keeping the field on the right at 0. Now move your Horizontal Tilt slider bar to the left and right. You’ll notice that instead of simply flipping 360 degrees horizontally, the layer seems to be swinging open and closed like a door on a hinge.

  4. Set both rotation center points back to 0.

  5. Now try typing 50 into the field on the right (vertical rotation center point) and keeping the field to the left at 0. Move your Vertical Tilt slider bar to the right and left and you’ll notice your layer is folding down and back like a deck of cards falling!

Try playing around with different rotation center points to create your own unique effects! If you get too crazy or lost, remember just set them back to 0 and 0 and it will be back at the default that you’re used to.

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