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Capture the Colors of the World with your iPhone

I recently came across a really cool new app called The Color Picker. It allows you to select a specific color from a photo and apply it to your design, photography or slideshow projects.

All you do is snap a photo of a unique or interesting scene with your phone, move around on the image to select a color and it will display the current color code (either HSB, RGB or HEX). Copy that info and use it for your digital design, photography or ProShow projects.

On an Android device? Check out the Image Color Picker app for Android. It works almost exactly the same way and allows you to take a color inspiration from a photo in your library.

Both ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer support HEX and RGB color codes, so just snap a photo, grab the color code and start designing! Remember, ProShow allows you to add a custom color code for solid color layers, backgrounds, captions, outlines, colorizing and more.


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