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10 Great Keyboard Shortcuts for ProShow 5

ProShow has a ton of keyboard shortcuts that make maneuvering around the software fast and easy. Below are a round-up of 10 that we use all the time around Photodex HQ when creating slideshows.

You can download a free PDF of all the keyboard shortcuts on our site. Here are the links:

ProShow Gold 5 Keyboard Shortcut PDF

ProShow Producer 5 Keyboard Shortcut PDF >

1. Play/Pause: Space Bar
Simply hit the space bar to play or pause your show’s preview.

2. Manage Effects: CTRL+E
Great for quickly opening up the Manage Effects dialog and adding an effect to any slide in your show.

3. Insert Title Slide: CTRL+ALT+B
A quick tap of these three keys and the Slide Options window will pop open with the cursor blinking and ready for you to type in a caption for a title slide.

4. Combine Slides: ALT+C
Want to quickly combine two slides into one? Select both slides then hit ALT+C on your keyboard.

5. Sync Show to Audio: CTRL + T
Quickly sync your slides to your soundtrack by hitting CTRL+T.

6. Watermark: CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+W
Add a watermark to your slideshow by hitting this combo of keys together. Show Options will automatically open where you can browse your computer for a watermark and add it to your slideshow.

7. Remix Slides: CTRL+R
Select a group of slides and then hit CTRL+R on your keyboard. The wizard will open so you can remix just that selection of slides.

8. Remix All Slides: CTRL+ALT+R
Same as above but you’ll be remixing all the slides in your show.

9. Publish: CTRL+P
Quickly open the publishing options to output your slideshow.

10. Collect Show Files: CTRL+ALT+C
Quickly make a copy of all the files in your show for safe keeping.

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