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Staying Organized in ProShow 5 with Flags and Notes

One of the new organizational tools in ProShow 5 is the ability to Flag your slides. Using flags, you can add a visual reference to remind you that there is something about a slide that has earned special attention. Perhaps there’s an effect you really like, maybe it’s a great place in your show for a soundtrack change, or it could simply mark the place in your show where you paused to take a break.

To mark a slide with a Flag, simply select the slide (or range of slides) in the Slide List and right-click. From the right-click menu, select Flag Selected Slides. You’ll see the flag appear just to the right of the slide. When you’re working in Slide Options, flags will also appear in the Slide Settings tab.

When you come back to a show that has some flagged slides, instead of scrolling through the Slide List to find each flag, keep in mind that you can quickly jump to a flagged slide by pressing the CTRL, ALT and G keys at the same time.

When using flags, often you’ll find it helpful to also include some Notes about the slide. That way when you come back to a show later, you’ll have a record of what made that slide stand out. You can add Notes to a slide by opening Slide Options and clicking on the Slide Settings tab. When a slide features Notes, in the Slide List you’ll see a green info icon appear on the bottom of the slide.

Both Notes and Flags are also visible in the new Slide Inspector window. In Producer 5, you’ll find the Slide Inspector in the Design Workspace. In ProShow Gold 5, this is an optional window you can turn on by going to the Menu Bar and selecting Window > Show > Slide Inspector.

Watch the video below to learn more about this and more new enhancements to ProShow 5.

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