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Show of the Week: The Kenai Falcons

This week’s spotlighted slideshow comes from ProShow Producer user Julie Tree. We just love the high-energy video she put together for her son’s football team (this video is part of a larger video project she created for the team). Watch the show and read her comments below. Great work Julie!

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I started making slideshows for my sons football teams 4 years ago. The parents have enjoyed them tremendously, I don’t make the videos just about our highlights, but try to involve everyone as much as possible. It’s a team video. One of the main reasons I kept making these is the impact it had on the kids. Kids that weren’t sure if they were going to play again would watch the videos and decide football was the greatest sport ever. I feel kids need to be involved in something, and I think these videos can help keep them motivated to keep playing.

These boys are 7,8, and 9 years old. They are the Kenai Falcons, from Kenai Alaska. We were a first year Kenai team and it was a rough season but it was all worth it in the end. If you watch the first video it’s mainly pics of our last game of the season, and our only win of the season. It was pouring down rain and about 40 degrees out.

I don’t know how many hours I spend on these video’s from filming and taking pics, to editing, to creation (it’s a lot). In the end, when we watch the video as a team together with parents, it all becomes worth it. Parents are crying, the kids cheering and laughing. It’s awesome.


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