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GPU Acceleration in ProShow 5

One of the new enhancements in ProShow 5 is GPU Acceleration. With GPU, you’ll experience higher resolution playback in real time allowing you to see your photos, videos and slideshow previews in full HD resolution and beautiful clarity. (Ever experience a show stutter? Not anymore!) You’ll have the power to preview even the most complex effects in full screen, all without having to do any updates to your computer!

So, how does it all work? By offloading some of the heavy-lifting processing tasks to your computer’s GPU, ProShow is able to free up more resources to focus on optimizing the performance of video and display-related functions.

It may sound like a lot of technical jargon, but the result of the improved speed, display and responsiveness is instantly recognizable.

You can check your preferences in ProShow to make sure you have GPU acceleration turned on. To do so, go to Edit > Preferences > Playback. You’ll see the following dialog.

If your GPU Acceleration is enabled, you’ll see a green bar with all three check boxes checked.

If for some reason your computer has a red bar and no checkboxes checked, ProShow has determined your machine would function better with GPU Acceleration turned off.

Some systems may not be able to use GPU accelerated rendering. ProShow automatically tests your system, and if your computer scores well enough we enable GPU accelerated rendering. If your score is too low, we disable it.

In ProShow, go to Help > About, and you’ll see your GPU Benchmark listed. This number is your score. Anything above about a 50 is decent, and anything over 100 is pretty great. If you have a really low number, your computer is probably in need of some attention.

So, there you have it. A quick rundown of GPU Acceleration and what it means to ProShow 5 users. Have you taken a look at your score? I got a 64 and am loving the silky-smooth playback and snappier interface!

For even more information about GPU Acceleration and playback performance in ProShow, check out this article in our KB.

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