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Organizing Your Slide Styles in ProShow

If you love slide styles but are looking for a way to quickly find your favorites, this post is for you! ProShow lets you organize your slide styles any way you’d like using the Categories feature. Categories are the perfect tool for keeping all your favorite slide styles in one simple list.

Here’s how to create a Favorites list to store your most-loved slide styles in ProShow.

1. Double-click on any slide in your show to open the Slide Options dialog. Under the Slide Styles tab, hit the ‘Manage Styles’ button.


2. You’re now in the Manage Styles window. Select any style and click the ‘Categorize’ button.


3. Hit the ‘Add Category’ button and type in the word ‘Favorites’. This will add a new category that you can store slide styles under. Add all your favorite slide styles in this category and they will be easily accessible in a new Favorites list next time you’re in the Slide Styles dialog. Just select the Category drop down list and select Favorites.

You can create any type of custom category that you’d like!

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