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The Best Photos of 2011

This year there have been some truly stunning images captured around the world that not only tell a story but help us experience a moment in time as if we were there. I’ve rounded up my top lists of best photos of 2011 which represent some of the biggest moments of the past year.

National Geographic Best Photos of 2011: This annual round up of photos are submitted by readers around the world. The grand prize winner is an amazing macro shot of a dragonfly clinging onto a blade of grass while being whisked about in the rain and wind.


50 Best Photos of the Natural World in 2011: Natural wonders and our ever-changing environment are the inspiration for this photo gallery on the Big Picture blog from A really amazing selection of images throughout the year.


Best of Sports Photos 2011: This collection of images is so spectacular. You can almost feel the energy coming from each image. Click here to view the Huffington Posts’s top sports photos of 2011.


Best News Photos of 2011: Flickr rounded up the best news photos of 2011 which include some pretty gripping images of the events that have rocked our world over the past year.


The Year in Pictures: The Big Picture blog hosts a Year in Pictures review each year. Part 1 and Part 2 are now available to view on their website.

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