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Abbey Photography Gives Customers Instant Gratification With ProShow Slideshow Software

Abbey Photographers has increased customer satisfaction and built interest in its business by more than 60% with the use of ProShow Producer. They have received thousands of website hits per wedding after posting slideshows online and through social media channels, and given clients instant gratification by uniquely incorporating digital slideshows at their events.

Neal Clipper, owner of Abbey Photographers took over his parent’s photography business in 1994 with hopes to expand into more wedding and commercial photography. He never dreamed how quickly the business would expand, and over the course of 17 years he took the company from shooting 50 weddings, bar mitzvah’s and corporate events per year to 250. Today Abbey Photographers is known for giving clients maximum coverage with, when the event dictates, four, or more photographers at a single event, and for capturing rare moments and reactions at life’s major events exceptionally well.

While building up the business, Neal focused on separating himself from the competitors by giving his clients something to really “wow” them. He sought out tools to draw more attention to the events and showcase his images as the event was unfolding. After discovering digital slideshow technology, he studied tools in the marketplace and discovered that ProShow Producer offered the most comprehensive options available.

The Process

1. With the goal of instant gratification in mind, Neal began incorporating the slideshows into the events as early as possible. Before the bride and groom even arrive at the reception, Abbey Photographers uses ProShow Producer’s Wizard to compile a slideshow using the best pictures from the ceremony, and places it in an 8×10 digital photo frame at the couple’s table so they can be the first to discover the instant replay of their first few moments as husband and wife together.

2. Abbey then compiles a slideshow of 100 images taken through the day and projects them at the reception on a large 6′ x 9″ screen, creating excitement and fun reactions as the wedding party and guests see themselves dancing and mingling.

3. Abbey posts a slideshow video on Vimeo and then posts the link on their Facebook page, while providing barcodes on each of the photos allowing guests to scan them with their phone for easy purchasing from their website later on.

4. Abbey then follows up by sending mini DVD disc versions of the recap to the bride and groom 10 days later so they can send “thank you’s” to the bridal party and family members, as well as one more slideshow posted on both Facebook and Vimeo using the “best of the best” photos.

5. The bride and groom can share the slideshow with their friends who have the opportunity to purchase photos from the Abbey Photographers website.

Tips from Neal Clipper

Create Excitement: Slideshows help to create excitement at both the weddings and bar mitzvahs. Our customers and guests are so thrilled to immediately watch their photography unfold before their eyes instead of waiting for weeks. They have the instant gratification packaged in a way that is meaningful, professional and most of all gratifying.

Set Yourself Apart: With ProShow Producer, the special effects and possibilities are really limitless. It’s what separates me from ordinary photographers. People seek Abbey Photographers because of our unrivaled service and ProShow has no doubt helped us stand out as one of the best full-service photographers in our market.

Experiment: For photographers new to slideshows, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the best way to find out your perfect formula for success.

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