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5 Hidden Right-Click Gems in ProShow

We often joke around the office that if you can’t find a feature in ProShow, right click and it will magically appear! The right-click menus in ProShow have some really useful features that can speed up your workflow and get things done really quickly!

Here are 5 of my favorite right click gems in ProShow!

1. Combine Slides: Let’s say you have two slides on the Slide List and you want to combine them into one. The quickest, easiest way to do so is to select both slides, right-click and select ‘Combine Slides’. Your two separate slides will be combined into one!


2. Global Show Caption: If you want a caption to appear across all your slides in your show, one of the quickest ways to do so is to add your caption to one slide, then right-click and select ‘Global Show Caption’. This will make your caption appear on every single slide in your show. If there is a particular slide you don’t want the caption to appear on, simply un-check the check box next to the caption on that slide and it will disappear.


3. Set Show Thumbnail: If you’re creating a slideshow that you know will have a menu when you output, one of the quickest ways to set the thumbnail that appears as your show thumbnail is to right-click on a slide in your Slide List and select ‘Customize Slide’ > ‘Set as Show Thumbnail’. This slide will then automatically be used as the thumbnail in your menu when you go to output your show.


4. Duplicate: For a quick picture-in-picture effect, right-click on a layer in the Slide Options dialog. Then select duplicate. This will make a copy of your layer and place it underneath the first layer on your slide. Re-position the top layer so it’s a bit smaller and set the opacity of the bottom layer to 50%. A quick and easy way to take a simple photo on a slide and make it pop! You can duplicate any layer on any slide.


5. Copy Settings: If you’ve added an outline to a photo in your slideshow and wanted to copy that outline to other layers in your show, simply right-click on the outline check box and select ‘Copy enable to other layers’. You can copy all sorts of settings to different layers in your show. A quick way to duplicate settings you’ve already added to another layer.

That’s my round up of my favorite right-click options in ProShow. Do you have any favorites you’d like to share?

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