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24 Fun Facts about Photodex

It’s our 24th birthday today at Photodex! With over two decades in the digital imaging industry we feel more energized and excited than ever about what’s to come. Every day we strive to make our products the best they can be, provide stellar customer service and promote innovation in everything we do.

We are working on some really amazing things that will transform the way you create and share your digital memories with ProShow. Stay tuned early next year for exciting new product announcements, updates and more!

To help celebrate our birthday, we thought we’d dig up 24 fun facts about our team and the company. Enjoy!

1. We are a totally private, non-VC funded company and very much like it that way. The only investors we want to impress are our amazing customers.

2. Our company vehicles are completely wrapped in Photodex ‘gold’ vinyl so you can see us coming a mile away.

3. Our President and Founder, Paul, was 21 years old when he started Photodex in 1987.

4. All ring tones on Photodex office lines are the ‘24’ ring tone. It’s like Jack Bauer is here all the time!

5. Our tallest employee is 6’ 11” tall! He’s a former pro basketball player who gave into his nerdy side and joined the forces at Photodex.

6. ProShow Gold has won PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award an outstanding 4 times for best slideshow software.

The perfect coffee coaster!

7. We used to include instructions on how to use a CD as a coaster on each software Demo CD we shipped. ‘Take disc out of sleeve. Place on table. Place beverage on disc.’

8. We were one of the first companies in the world to adopt the ‘try before you buy’ model for software and services online in the early 1990’s – a policy we still stand by to this very day.

9. The year we were founded, ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘RoboCop’ were two of the biggest blockbuster hits at the theaters.

10. We’ve done worldwide licenses to top government agencies for our software products… but we can’t go into any more detail… it’s classified!

11. In the 90’s we actually had a product mascot called ‘Compy the Squirrel’, inspired by a stock photo of a squirrel we used for testing. What can we say…it was the 90’s.

12. Each year Photodex HQ celebrates ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day‘. If you ever call in to talk to a support rep on September 19th, you might be in for a surprise!

13. All of our customer service phone and email support is 100% based in the U.S. You’ll always speak to a knowledgeable rep out of our Austin, Texas HQ when you contact us!

An old Processor Technology Sol computer.

14. Our President and Founder learned how to program as a wee lad at one of the country’s first ever computer retail stores called ‘The Byte Shop’ on a Processor Technology Sol computer.

15. We published one of the first-ever digital slideshow tools in 1991. It allowed users to display a series of photos on their screen, each transitioning to the next without user interaction. A pretty simple slideshow against today’s standards, but it was pretty spiffy for its time.

16. We used to make each employee build their own work station computer once they were hired. They got a box of parts and a screwdriver. We’ve since stopped the hazing but it did teach many employees the ins and outs of a PC!

17. Photodex used to be based in California, not too far from Silicon Valley. We relocated our HQ to Austin, TX in 1996.

18. Out of all our ProShow StylePacks, Style Pack Vintage is the # 1 best selling pack.

Typical desk ‘decorations’ at our call center.

19. Our tech support call center hardly looks like one! Each room is large and spacious for maximum comfort, features lamp lighting instead of bright fluorescents and green, blue and orange splash walls for fun bursts of color!

20. ProShow products are used by millions of shutter-happy customers around the world -Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia being our top international markets.

21. We host our own servers and network internally in our own datacenter with a team of busy IT pros keeping watch 24/7. That’s why our site is hardly ever down and your online content is always available when you need it.

22. Our free ProShow plug-in for Lightroom is one of the most popular and most downloaded plug-ins on the Adobe Lightroom Exchange website.

23. The only dress code suggestion we have in our employee handbook is that you can’t wear your PJ’s to work.

24. Every single software box that we ship out has ‘Made in Texas Ya’ll’ printed on the bottom near the UPC bar code.

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