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2012 Color of the Year Announced

Each year, Pantone announces a new color of the year that — whether you like it or not, ends up having a great deal of influence on the design trends for many creative fields.

No more drab grays or blues – in 2012, expect bright, energetic pops of orangey-red with their pick of ‘Tangerine Tango’ as the color of the year. Not only will you see this vibrant hue cropping up in next season’s fashions, cosmetics and home decor, but the trend is likely to manifest in other areas pertinent to many of you, such as photo albums, scrapbook embellishments , wedding decor, bridesmaid dresses and prom gowns.

While it goes without saying that trends are typically here today, gone tomorrow — we do have a handy little color tip that will serve you well over many seasons, regardless of whether the colour du jour is manic magenta or baby food green.

To add a little splash of color to your slideshows:
The foolproof method is to sample a color directly from the images used in your show. Slideshow pros use this trick to create energy, unity and personality through the use of color-coordinated borders, backgrounds and text.

ProShow lets you easily define custom colors using the built-in color picker.

Just click on the ‘Set Color’ option for the layer or text object you want to customize, then click on the small eye dropper tool in the top left corner. When the eye dropper tool is activated, you can drag your cursor over any image in your show to pick up the exact RGB color values of the spot sampled. You may want to experiment with different shade selections, but ultimately, it’s very hard to go wrong with this method.

If you know exactly what color you want to use, you can always enter the HEX or RGB values in the color picker to achieve total precision. And by the way, for anyone interested, ‘Tangerine Tango‘ can be achieved by entering ‘226-73-47’ in the RGB color field.


Below are a few examples of the color Tangerine Tango used in a slide:

Customize your slide background color to Tangerine Tango and use a cool font in white to make a title slide really pop.


Add a little embellishment of color by adding a rectangular solid color layer to the bottom half of your slide. ‘Unlock’ the zoom aspect ratio (under Slide Options > Motion Effects click the little icon that looks like a link) and re-size the Zoom-Y to 20% so that your layer looks rectangular.


If the effect above looks familiar it’s part of ProShow Producer’s built-in slide styles (called Wedding Trendy). We simply turned the normally gray and white background into a colorful one. Just select the background layer and use the ‘Colorize’ option to set the color to Tangerine Tango.

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