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Wedding Industry Statistics 2011

After the news last week about 11/11/11 being one of the most popular days to be married ever, we thought we’d do some digging and take a look at some other interesting numbers in the wedding industry.

According to Wikipedia, there are an estimated 2.5 million weddings every year in the United States. That equates to about 6,489 wedding per day. On 11/11/11 there are going to be an estimated 57,000 weddings in just one day. That beats out 7/7/7 which saw an estimated 38,000 weddings in one day.

While these numbers are grand, think about the business that has been built up because of these events. The wedding industry as a whole brings in $40 billion + per year in the United States. That’s a lot of dresses, flowers, invitations, tux rentals, photographers, videographers…the list goes on.

In 2010 the average cost of a wedding was $24,070 which was about $4,000 less than the average cost of a wedding in 2007. Most likely due to the current economic conditions.

Key Costs

According to a BRIDES American wedding study in 2011, the reception accounts for 36% of wedding costs, with an average price tag of $13,367.

• Outside of the reception, the largest chunks of money are going to photography/videography ($3,367), wedding rings ($1,495) and flowers ($1,426).

• The average wedding cake costs $480.

• The current average cost of an engagement ring is $4,647, a 27% decrease from 2009’s average engagement ring cost of $6,348.

• Average wedding dress cost is $1,289, which is a 20% increase since 2009 when the average cost was $1,072.

So there you have it. Pretty interesting facts and numbers! Good luck to everyone photographing or attending a wedding on 11/11/11!

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