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How To Adjust the Audio Level for Video Clips

Many slideshow creators who mix short clips of video in with their photos simply want their video to have no sound and instead have their audio soundtrack play over their entire slideshow. ProShow gives you the ability to adjust the volume for a video independently and it’s really easy to do.

To remove the audio from a video clip in your show, go into the Video Settings tab in Slide Options and lower the volume from 100% (default) to 0%.

Removing the audio from a video file

1. Double click on the slide containing your video clip.

2. From the Slide Options window click on the Layers tab.

2. Then select the Video Settings tab.

3. Now locate the Volume slider under the Video Sound Settings section and lower the volume to 0%.

4. Click Ok and play your show.

That’s all there is to it. Now your video clip will play with no audio and your show’s soundtrack will play over your entire slideshow.

Be sure and tune in tomorrow when we discuss best practices for getting better audio from your DSLR.

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