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Packaging Your Holiday Photo Slideshows

Giving the gift of a photo slideshow this holiday season? We’ve rounded up our favorite packaging solutions, from earth-friendly to polished and professional, these disc holders will be sure to impress! Below are some of our favorite options from across the web.

Nauli is a company out of Germany that makes really beautiful, handmade folios for your DVD or Blu-ray slideshows. They ship world-wide and each folio is about $13.00 – $20.00, affordable and they come in tons of colors and patterns!


Bumble Designs offers a beautiful monogrammed folio, perfect if you’ve created a family slideshow to share with loved ones this holiday season. Get the letter of your choice stamped on the front, just $2.00 per folio! A keepsake your family members will cherish for years to come.


SarahQ makes these adorable hand-stitched disc folios that are perfect if you’ve created a slideshow of the kids to share with the rest of the family over the holidays! Just $3.75 each, they come with a sleeve to hold your disc and a space to print and insert a photo. Since they’re made out of sturdy watercolor paper, you can decorate as you see fit and even let the kids join in for a truly personalized gift. (Perfect gift idea for grandparents!)


If you prefer the look of a standard DVD case, look at sites like Ebay for a great bargain, then create and print your own cover. You can download a PSD template and read step-by-step instructions for printing your own DVD cover artwork here. Just create your own design, print and you’ll have a great case for your holiday slideshow!

Are you planning on sharing a slideshow this holiday season? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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