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Best Practices for Saving your Photo Slideshows

Let’s say you just put together the most amazing slideshow ever to share with friends and family this holiday! Be sure you’re saving it with care, some of the most frequent calls we get from ProShow users is that they’ve lost or misplaced their slideshow files. Here are some best practices for saving your slideshows and making sure they are easy to find in the future.

Where should I save my slideshows on my computer?
Try creating a dedicated folder on your hard drive to save all your slideshows. You can create sub folders for each new show you create. This will keep your shows organized and in one central location.

You can create this folder where ever you like, however we recommend the ‘Documents’ folder. This folder never changes and will always be present on your hard drive, so your shows will always reside here as long as you use your computer.

For best performance we recommend you save your show on your internal hard drive. ProShow reads/writes to your show file every time you make a change and having this on an external location can hinder the performance of this process.

What’s a good way to backup my slideshow files?
If you’d like to take it a step further and back up your show files to an external hard drive or disc, it’s easily done with the Collect Show Files tool.

Open your slideshow and go to File> Collect Show Files. This will make a copy of each and every file used to create your slideshow (photos, videos, music, sound effects) and save it in the location you’ve specified.

This will give you an automatic back up of all your slideshows in case you happen to lose any stored on your hard drive due to a crash or computer malfunction.

Do you back up your slideshows? What methods do you use?

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