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Turning Your Passion for Slideshows into a Business

In 2009 Andy Kimmell turned his passion for slideshow creation into a full-time business and hasn’t looked back since. He now runs Remembrus, a successful multimedia production company out of L.A. that uses ProShow Producer as their tool of choice for creating fusion slideshows for corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs and memorials.


After getting laid off from his corporate job in 2009, Andy knew it was time for a change. He always loved making slideshows for his family but wondered if he could turn this hobby into a full-fledged business.

Soon after, a close friend had a death in the family and Andy was asked to help make the memorial video for the funeral service. Andy got to work and scanned nearly 500 photos and put them together in a slideshow using ProShow Producer. No one saw the slideshow until it’s unveiling at the church because of the short turnaround time.

When Andy arrived, he discovered the church was actually the size of an amphitheatre and he became a bit nervous about his slideshow playing in such a large format and in front of so many people. The slideshow started to play and everyone was taken aback, the family was blown away and so thankful for the wonderful memorial he had put together to honor their loved one.

This was the first time Andy had created a slideshow for a non-family member and the reaction was nothing less than amazing. From there he realized the potential of slideshows as a business and his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. He soon after started Remembrus and now offers his multimedia services for corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvah’s and more.


Andy tried multiple slideshow products and found ProShow Producer to be the best because of its flexibility and the complete control it gave him over every aspect of his slideshows. “As a multimedia consultant, I need to be able to mix photos, videos and effects together without restrictions. ProShow Producer lets me do that and more.”

Unlimited creative controlProShow Producer’s wide array of features and options gives Andy total control over his productions.
Built-in tools for photo + video fusion – ProShow Producer allows Andy to mix both photos and video clips together for his clients. Videos can be trimmed using a built-in editor and easily mixed into a slideshow.
Live Show feature for displaying photos at an eventProShow Producer’s live show function allows Andy to wow his corporate clients by creating and presenting live shows at events. Photos are snapped and instantly displayed in a live slideshow.


Since starting his business, Andy has expanded into many different areas of multimedia production. He not only creates fusion slideshows for clients but now also provides videographer services at weddings – which allows him to meet photographers and offer his custom slideshow services to them as well. Andy also uses ProShow Producer’s Live Show function to really amaze the crowds at corporate events. He uses Eyefi cards to wirelessly transfer photos from a camera into a running slideshow. “People will come up to me and ask how on earth I just made their photo appear in a running video, they love it.”



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