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Selling Video Slideshows: Commercial and Reseller Rights

If you’re selling slideshows, it’s important to know exactly what you are allowed to do as a business without violating term of service agreements or running into trouble after the fact. Let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions on this subject.

With ProShow, you can resell the slideshows you create to individuals or businesses.

What does “Selling Commercially” or “Reseller” mean?
These are often used inter-changeably and simply refer to a slideshow creator having the right to sell a slideshow to an individual or business, rather than being limited to “home or personal use only”.

Can I sell shows I make with ProShow Gold, Producer or ProShow Web?
Absolutely! Once you make a slideshow with our ProShow Gold or Producer software, it’s yours to share, distribute or sell however you see fit. ProShow Web users, simply make sure you’re signed up for a Premium account and you’re good to resell too!

What do I need to be concerned about when selling shows?
Copyright! If you are going to sell a slideshow you must be 100% sure that you have the rights to use the images, videos and music that appear in your shows. FYI…just because you found an image on Google or paid for a song on iTunes does not mean you have the right to create and sell a slideshow using those items. Always use royalty-free, rights-approved or self-created content.

Read this informative article by the Photo Attorney for more information about using music in your slideshows. Carolyn E. Wright, a/k/a the Photo Attorney®, is a full-time attorney whose practice is aimed squarely at the legal needs of photographers and other copyright owners.

Where can I get royalty-free music for my slideshows?
There are lots of resources for finding great royalty free music for your slideshows. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

  • ProShow Web: If you’re a ProShow Web user, you have access to hundreds of royalty-free tracks in our music library. Rock, classical, acoustic, pop and more. Just browse and drag and drop a song to add it to your show. You can also import any MP3 you’d like to use in your slideshow.
  • The Music Bed: Great selection of contemporary songs and easy to navigate their site. HINT: Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your first song purchase.
  • Shockwave Sound: Mostly instrumental but a great price per track. Easy to search for a specific genre. (HINT: Many of the ProShow demo show songs come from this site!)
  • Vimeo Music Store: Great resource for those creating slideshows for personal use. They have hundreds of totally free tracks to pick from.
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