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Selling Slideshows – Packaging and Delivery

Pretend it’s your birthday and two people just gave you a gift. One of them is something light, wrapped in what appears to be a plastic grocery sack. The other is a beautifully-wrapped box with a nice, satisfying weight to it. Which one do you think feels more expensive? Which one looks like the giver went the extra mile to make it special?

Now imagine being the enthusiastic recipient of a slideshow. Which would you prefer: a generic-looking DVD in a cheap plastic jewel case, or an elegant DVD folio with a custom printed disc label?

The point is, whether we like it not, presentation has a lot of influence over how we perceive things. If you’re selling slideshows for business, you should be putting some extra thought into how your slideshows are packaged. It doesn’t require a lot of extra work or expense, but it’s the kind of detail that distinguishes you from the amateurs, and often results in more referral business and additive sales per client.

There are lots of sophisticated options for packaging DVDs, Blu-ray discs and CDs. While DVD cases are still a great, classic option (assuming you create a professional, customized cover for each), DVD folios have become a popular alternative solution. Not only do they come in a million gorgeous varieties to reflect every style (from sleek & modern to natural & hand-crafted), but they also can minimize the amount of work required to customize the package.

Below are some of our favorite folio options from across the web.

Loktah: Looking for something with an organic, natural feel that’s really unique? Check out Loktah. Their collection of handmade DVD cases come in tons of colors and variants. They even do custom disc printing and design.


WHCC: Prefer the look of printed folios? Order a gorgeous hardcover, printed folio for your discs from WHCC. These folios really stand out and are a great, quality product.


Etsy: If you’re looking for something simple and handcrafted-looking, check out these great hand-stiched DVD folios by SaraQ on Etsy. Put your own sticker or company stamp on it to customize.


Porters: A great standard is the black leather folio and a great option comes from Porters and includes a nice keepsake box.


Disc Labeling
Now, let’s look at disc labeling options. It won’t do to get a nice case or folio and then put a completely forgettable, unlabelled disc in it. And don’t even think about titling it with marker, even if you’ve got amazing penmanship skills. Here’s a few simple solutions for professionally labelling your disc media:

Lightscribe uses lasers to etch a permanent grayscale image on your discs. If you don’t like the gold & black look, get color discs .

• Printable inkjet discs allow you easily personlize each disc with your own design. Epson makes a great disc printer.

• Use a service like WHCC or Loktah for turn-key solutions that include printing disc labels and sourcing the cases.

Finally, the delivery of the packaged slideshow can also be enhanced to fit your style and reinforce your professionalism. If you plan to present the slideshow in person, treat it like a gift. Put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. If you want, get your logo printed on a sticker that you can put on these bags to reinforce your brand.

Why not make this transaction as emotionally satisfying and indulgent for your client as you can? If delivering it by mail, make sure the mailer used to house the folio or DVD case is clean and professional. If you regularly ship discs to clients, invest in pre-printed mailers with your branding on it, or put branded labels on it to give it a professional touch.

We’d love to hear from you! How are you currently packaging your slideshows?

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