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Publish Slideshows to the iPhone 4S and Other Devices

The ProShow Devices plug-in takes the guesswork out of playing your slideshows on your favorite mobile and TV devices. It works directly with ProShow Gold or Producer to create videos compatible with any device you select, including the new iPhone 4S, iPad, Apple TV and more.

How It Works

1. Create / open the show in either ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer.

2. In the ‘Create Output’ menu, select ‘Devices’ and choose your device.

3. Click ‘Create.’ ProShow renders your video to the exact spec for the device.

That’s all! Simply transfer the video onto your device and play.

Transferring Your Video to a Device
The method for copying your video file onto your device depends on the manufacturer. In some cases, you will need to connect the device to a computer using the cable that came with the device, then sync the file using the device manufacturer’s software (e.g. iTunes, Blackberry software, etc.).  iPhone and iPad users click here for info.

Other devices will accept the transfer of the file via a memory card or USB flash drive. Consult your device’s documentation or click here for more info.

Mobile slideshows have their perks.
Sure, publishing a slideshow to DVD is a great output choice for when you have a DVD player handy, a decent-sized screen and a captive audience… but what about when you’re away from your home or office? Imagine having the ability to share your slideshows with friends, family or potential clients — anywhere you are, on-the-fly. The ProShow Device plug-in gives you the freedom to take your slideshows with you, making your images as mobile as you are.

Have a high-def TV?
Did you know that you don’t have to have a Blu-ray player to enjoy HD videos on your high-def TV? Because the plug-in supports TV devices such as the Sony Playstation 3 and Apple TV (which both can play HD video files), you can use these devices as an HD alternative to Blu-ray discs.

ProShow 4 combined with the Device Plug-in supports these devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple iPad, iPad 2
  • Apple iPhone 4S, 4
  • Apple iPhone 3GS, 3G
  • Apple iPhone (original)
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Apple iPod Nano
  • Apple iPod Classic
  • Blackberry devices
  • Epson P-2000 – 4000
  • Google Android
  • Google Nexus One
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Magic
  • HTC G2
  • LG CU500
  • Motorola KRZR
  • Motorola RAZR
  • Motorola V557, V600
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii,
  • Palm Treo 680, 650
  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Moment
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • TiVo DVR
  • T-Mobile G1, G2
  • T-Mobile MyTouch
  • Click here for full list of devices

Fast and easy setup.
Once you’ve purchased the ProShow Device plug-in, installing is a snap! Just enter the registration key provided at the time of purchase to activate. For a step-by-step guide on installing the plug-in, click here.

Get the ProShow Device Plug-in Today!
Ready to start making slideshows for your favorite devices? Avoid the hassle of guessing which formats and settings to use. Simply select your device and go. 

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