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10 Great Apps for Photography Lovers

We’ve all heard about Instagram and Hipstamatic, but what other cool, photography-centric apps are out there? With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available in the app store, we rounded up our top 10 favorite photography apps that are both fun and useful!

Simply HDR
High Dynamic Range photography is hugely popular these days, and this app let’s you create that HDR look without having to shoot multiple versions of the same photo. Take a new picture, or use an existing image and choose from 50 different built-in HDR effects. Adjust the style, add grain or tint and share to Facebook. Available for both iPhone and iPad.

100 Cameras in 1
Created by Austin-native, Trey Ratcliff, 100 Cameras in 1 is a collection of really cool effects you can add to your photos. Simply swipe and apply a library of 100 different effects featuring mixtures of hard light, overlay and textures. Sharing options include email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, SmugMug, and Instagram.

Comic Book!
Apps like this are why people love iPads! Turn your photos into comic book style layouts, complete with effects, captions and a whole bunch of classic “POW” and “WHAM!” stickers built-in. Supports email output, wireless printing and sharing to Facebook/Twitter. For geeks like me, it’s totally worth $1.99.

8mm HD
Perfect for creating video clips with the hipster/retro look. The effects are recorded real-time which adds to the feel of authenticity. Email and direct uploading to YouTube are built-in. Available for both iPhone and iPad.

I love this free, “retro” look app. In addition to shooting new pictures, this app also lets you add retro effects to existing pictures on your device. Once you have a photo, simply swipe your way through a variety of film stock looks. Lighting effects, film scratches and borders can also be applied. Available for both iPhone and iPad. Sharing options include email as well as uploading directly to Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox.

No more shaky videos! While the results may not be quite as solid as something shot with the Steadicam Smoothee, this app delivers extremely well stabilized video clips. At $177 cheaper than a hardware solution, this is worth checking out if you shoot a lot of video on your iPhone.

Forgot your light meter? This app is a surprisingly decent little back-up!

SoftBox Pro
This handy app for photographers takes advantage of the amazing Retina display and turns your device into a light source. Very cool for studio work or on location. The latest version also features a variety of colors for new and interesting lighting effects. Free for iPod, $2.99 for iPad.

Never miss a photo op again! QuickPix is the fastest way to load and capture an image or several images on your iPhone. You can also shoot in ‘RapidFire mode’ which captures up to 2, full resolution photos per second.

For additional on-device editing, check out Filterstorm ($3.99), or the even more powerful Filtersorm Pro ($14.99). Filterstorm offers an almost Lightroom like experience on your iPad. Perfect for travelling or on location editing without the need for a laptop.

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As a member of Photodex's events team, Dylan specializes in teaching pro photographers and slideshow hobbyists alike how to use ProShow in their business. He's an avid student of photography and enjoys Austin's eclectic mix of music, art and nature.