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Vimeo Launches New Music Store

Big news from video sharing site Vimeo today. They’ve just launched a new music store with over 45,000 tracks available for download to use in your videos online.

The pricing is as follows:

• Creative Commons licenses (free)
• Personal, non-commercial, web-use licenses ($1.99 per track)
• Commercial, web-use licenses for professional users ($98 per track)

For people creating video slideshows for personal use, you’ll find hundreds of free tracks available as part of their Creative Commons license and some really great options at just $1.99 per track.

We took their music library for a spin and found our top 10 favorite free tracks listed below!

1. Wedding by Delgarma

2. Folk Psychology by Nic Bommarito

3. As I Figure by Kevin MacLeod

4. Lazy Day by Jason Shaw

5. Latin Rhythm by Sunsearcher

6. Contact by Anitek

7. Dewey Square by Hugo ‘Droopy’ Contini

8. Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod

9. Where I Stand by Alex077

10. Photographs and Histories by Issac Graham

Vimeo is a great way to share your slideshows online and ProShow makes it super easy to output to the site. Just click the Vimeo output option, render your video and save it to your computer, then upload your finished video to Vimeo. ProShow will generate a video that’s the perfect spec for Vimeo’s site so all you have to do is hit create.

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